"I've been on a diet for two weeks and
all I've lost is two weeks."

~ Totie Fields ~


 Strand Number 1

~ Good Nutrition ~


Nutrition is something people really enjoy complicating. We want to change that. You are not going to find any diets here at Five To Thrive, just 5 basic principles. As we start, remember that each of these principles exists with in a continuum. In other words you can take the principle to an extreme, ignore it all together or find yourself somewhere in between. This is one time when more extreme is actually okay!

Also, it is okay to enjoy something decadent once in a while as long as that is not what characterizes you. Our goal is for you to be characterized by good nutrition!


Principle #1

Whole Foods

 Eating whole food is the first of my five basic principles for good nutrition.This is really very simple and straight forward. There is only one criteria that must be met to achieve the distinction of being a "whole food" and it is:

The food must be as close as possible to the way nature produces it with out human alteration or additives.

The less that people have done to your food the better!


 A well balanced diet is vital if we are going to maintain our health and well being. Foods contain the fuel that provides energy for our bodies through the course of the day and the nutrients that are necessary to keep us healthy and functioning well on a cellular level! To much of one food group at the exclusion of another is not good.

Principle #2



Principle #3


Different foods are rich in different nutrients. If, being creatures of habit as most of us are, we tend to eat the same things over and over, we will find ourselves lacking in many necessary nutrients. The key is eating a variety of foods. Some suggest as many as 35 different foods in a week.


                    Incorporate as much color into your diet as possible as
                        color is a good indicator of nutrient value.

 Principle #4



Principle #5

Nutrient Density 

 Look for and consume nutrient rich, calorie low foods. Many highly processed foods are very high in calories and very low in nutrients. Whole foods tend to be very high in nutrients and lower in calories. It's possible to consume many calories eating highly processed foods while starving your body of the nutrients necessary for health and vitality!


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